April Gould and Sarah Williams have been long time friends.  They do everything together and get along mostly because of their quirky personalities, crazy ideas, and time they spent together on their American Ninja Warrior dream.  Sarah was on the show 2013 and April in 2015 and 2016.

Sarah has been teaching yoga  for 20+ years and owns Desert Paddleboards, a company which rents out boards both to locals and tourists to enjoy nearby lakes and rivers all year long. She also teaches Paddleboard yoga and fitness classes at pools all around the city. As the paddleboarding season slowed down this fall, she recognized the need for a creative way to allow  people to exercise outside! Yoga can sometimes be BORING but on a paddleboard or with a GOAT...its FUN!

April Gould  is Arizona's Famous Goat Farmer! April was a professional water skier for Seaworld for several years before buying a small secluded 3 acre farm home in Gilbert. Seeing the need for lawn mowers and friends for her 3 kids, they adopted their first herd of Goats in 2004. She soon realized tending goats was a great workout and started using them as training partners. She was eventually featured on American Ninja Warrior as the “Goat Whisperer” in 2015 and 2016 and now, partnered with Sarah, is extending this widespread “Goat Yoga” exercise regimen to the public.  April and her 3 children raise and care for these kids (goats) daily, making them gentle, sweet, and loving animals.

Goat yoga is therapeutic and helps relieve the daily stresses of life! How can you be sad when there is a Goat walking by? Goat Yoga clears your mind. Goat yoga will make you HAPPY!  Think of Goat Yoga as a chance to release endorphins from exercise and increase oxytocins with pet therapy... there's research on this, believe us!

So give it a try!! Its SO much fun! Like throwing a big party with Yoga and Goats!

Sarah Williams and April Gould goat yoga

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About Goat Yoga

Sarah Williams and April Gould