Q. Can we pick them up?

A. There is a very specific way to pick up a goat so we would prefer you not to. If you want to hold a baby goat, just ask!

Goat Yoga most asked questions

Q. Why haven't you answered my email?

A. You probably asked a question on FAQ and we figured you'd check this page eventually. 

Q. Can we just come and pet the goats without yoga? I don't really do yoga.

A. Goat Yoga is a very casual fun environment. You are welcome to just sit, meditate and pet the goats but you do have to still sign up for a class & pay for a ticket. Only about 20% of goat yoga participants do yoga on a regular basis.

Q. Are children permitted in classes?

​A. For the safety of the child we prefer them to be around 12 years old and comfortable around animals. They should be able to make it through a fun yoga class and not wander around. The goats do not discriminate  who they jump on so please use your own discretion when bringing a child. You need to buy your child a ticket to class. 

Q. How do I sign up for a class?

A. Click on the tab "Sign up for classes". Then click on the calendar at the bottom of the page on the date you want to come to class. Then click on "Register Now". You will be directed to Eventbrite and pay by credit card for your class. 

Q. Why are your classes so affordable?

A. We want everyone to enjoy goat yoga so we keep it inexpensive! We also don't want you to ask for group discounts or refunds. If you have a large group we can set something up so you avoid registration fees. 

Q. Do you take in rescue goats? Do you buy goats from Craigslist?

A. We do not hire people to buy goats, there have been instances of people acting as a middle man buying goats for AZ Goat Yoga. They are LYING, we would personally contact you if we were to buy a goat from you.  We currently have two rescue goats.  For the yoga goats and yogis safety we have to make sure rescue goats are compatible with the other goats and people before adopting them.  All of Aprils goats have been raised and trained from birth. 

Q. Are there any bathrooms?

A. There are porta pottys. 

Q. Are there refunds or make-ups for classes?

A. Sorry there are no refunds unless the class gets cancelled. Its sunny 325 days a year in Arizona and it rarely rains during a goat yoga class! Our classes fill quite quickly so we have trouble moving you to another full class. Its only $12!

Q. Can I transfer my ticket? Can I check in without my ticket? Do I need to print out my ticket? Can I resell my ticket?

A. You can check into goat yoga with just the name that bought the ticket! If you'd like to give it to someone else then forward them your ticket or give them the name you bought the ticket under! If you got married it might still be your maiden name so check that, you wouldn't want your friend being stuck outside goat yoga because you didn't give them the right name. You may resell your ticket to someone else. Just don't ask for a refund because its clearly stated everywhere that there are no refunds or make-ups on classes.

Q. Do your goats travel?

A. April and Sarah can travel to your location and do yoga with your goats.  If your property is suitable for goats, then we can bring them to you for a class.  The Emotional Support Certified Goats are great for team building events! 

Q. How do we find the pictures from our class?

A. We give the photographer the email list from Eventbrite to send out a link for pictures. Whoever signed up for the class should have it. 

Q. Are spectators allowed at Goat Yoga?(we answered this question above but here is another variation)

A. We understand that many people come to goat yoga and don't want to do yoga. You still need to pay for the class, we have a limited amount of people permitted on the property. If you would like a chair for grandma or your husband...we can provide that. 

Q. What is the address of the goat yoga farm?

A. Classes are held at Welcome Home Ranch in South Gilbert, AZ.  The address is on your ticket.  You MUST have a ticket to attend class, you can't just show up unless you have talked to us beforehand. 

Q. Do we need to bring our own goats?

A. Goats are provided at goat yoga! Please don't bring any other animals,  goats are prey animals and we don't want them to get eaten.

Q. What kind of goats are they?

A. They are Nigerian Mini Goats mixed with a little dwarf.

Q. All of your classes are full and I really want to come, should I call and email you a bunch of times until I get in?

A. No. Just see if you can find another class to come to. We have the maximum amount of people the goats can entertain when we make a class FULL. You will have more fun coming to a class that isn't full.

Q. How long is class?

A. Each class is a hour but people usually come early and  stay after to take pictures and mingle with goats! We'd like you to leave after a hour and a half though....the goats get tired.

Q. ​Do you milk the goats?

A. We have in the past but now we  just use them for yoga.

Q. Why don't you offer more classes?

A. Goat Yoga is a fun hobby for us. We want to make sure the goats are having fun, they only like yoga for about a hour a day!  Goat Yoga is closed on Sundays. 

Q. Do you have a "people of goat yoga" page?

A. We should  but we don't, thats why we keep adding to FAQ. 

Q. What about the goat poo?

A. Unlike other Goat Yoga classes ALL of our classes are held in a grassy field so any poop becomes part of the Earth and you'll barely notice it! The goats like privacy and usually do their business in a secluded area. Goat poo doesn't stink and makes awesome manure for your gardens. We give it away for free so if you are interested bring a bag and shovel and take as much as you want.

We rake and mow the field before every class!

Q. Do you have yoga mats we can use, we are  are coming in from out of town?

A. We have a couple mats but they are farm yoga mats. We throw them in the pool after each class, they are not fancy.  We suggest you bring a towel for your practice if you don't have a mat!

Q. What should I wear to Goat Yoga? 

A. You may wear whatever you want to goat yoga. Some people wear workout clothes, costumes, swimwear, PJ's, jeans and flannels....Goats don't judge, Goats just love. Just remember you'll have goats jumping on your back and your in a grassy pasture. 

Q. Do you offer private classes?

A. Goat Yoga is more fun with a lot of people. The base rate for a private goat yoga class is $1200. Text or email to schedule.

Q. What happens in a typical Goat Yoga class?
A. At goat yoga you will arrive to a small goat farm in Gilbert, AZ. If you want to spend a little more time with goats you can come 20-30 min early but we might put you to work.  You will set up your mat or towel in a field with goats!  Some of the classes have a theme, feel free to dress to the theme or in comfortable workout attire. 
You will learn about the goats, the farm and the ninjas that came up with the class.  Sarah will start the yoga class with some basic yoga sequences appropriate for all levels while April makes sure everyone has a unique goat experience during their practice. After about 25 min you'll have a break and the chance to try out  more poses with the goats and friends. You may just want to sit back and watch the goats interact with the class! You'll finish off the class with  more entertaining yoga-- the goats like to climb on people! We have a photographer at every class to capture goat moments. We invite you to linger and feel the joy the comes from these lovely goats.